Otto Erich Kahn

    This rather poor quality photograph is the best that I have found to date showing Otto Erich Kahn. There is no specific date or location as to when it was taken, but I think it must have been in Russia during the summer of 1942. The three men seem to be sat on some kind of rustic outdoor seat and as all three are wearing light uniform clothing, this suggests the summer months. The unit that both Kahn and Barth belonged to at this time would have been the Der Führer Regiment of the Das Reich 2nd SS Panzer Division.

    Kahn is the man in the middle and unfortunately his collar tabs are not visible (they seem to be missing), but my best guess is that he was a Hauptsturmführer at the time.

    Barth is the man on the left and from his collar tab he would appear to be an Untersturmführer. What can be clearly seen is the V stripe on Barth's right arm, showing that he was a Nazi Party member before 1933. See also the other photographs of Barth.

    I do not have any details for the man on the right, who from his uniform, seems to be from a different unit.

Otto Erich Kahn (in the middle) with Heinz Barth (on the left)
Otto Erich Kahn (in the middle) with Heinz Barth (on the left)
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