The Junkerschule Bad Tölz Germany in June 2004

Bad Tölz Junkerschule from road to Munich
Bad Tölz Junker School from road to Munich

The entrance to the Junker School at Bad Tölz
Bad Tölz entrance

From the parade ground looking out of the complex
Bad Tölz from the inside looking out

    As can be seen by comparing these pictures with those of 1940, there has been a considerable increase in vegetation, so much so that it is now impossible from the ground to take a view showing the whole of the front of the building. The top picture has been taken from the minor road to Munich, the one in the middle shows the left entrance turret and one can still see the windows and entrance door under where the archway once spanned the gap to the other turret. The bottom picture has been taken from within the courtyard / parade ground and is looking north to outside the complex.

    The banner across the entrance reads, "Flint Center" (the school was known after the war as the, Flint Kasserne, or in English, Flint Barracks). The whole complex is now being turned into a commercial centre and houses many small businesses from bakers to solicitors, even the parade ground is being built upon. Many of the people who now work here have little, or no idea of its past, or the events which the school helped shape.

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