The interior of the church in Oradour new town in 2014

The interior of the church in Oradour new town in 2014

    This view shows the interior of the catholic church in Oradour-sur-Glane new town (dedicated to Saint Martin) on the 9th June 2014. The statue on the pillar to the right, is of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes and this statue was originally located in the old church. In the days following the attack on 10th June 1944, the statue was found to be virtually undamaged and was recovered for installation in the new church, circa 1950. The new church is quite light and airy inside and is of modern, concrete construction, it looks much better (in my opinion) on the inside than the outside, which shows evidence of staining and some damp. The commemoration ceremony each year starts with a Mass in the church, usually at about 14:00, as this was the time the SS arrived in Oradour. In 2014, because of the more extensive remembrance ceremonies, it began at 10:30.

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