Memorial at Uzerche

Memorial at Uzerche   

    The main memorial to the dead of W.W.I, W.W.II and other conflicts, in Uzerche on the N20. There was not any Das Reich versus Resistance battle in Uzerche, but at least one Resistant was hung here on the morning of 9th June 1944.

    Three Resistants were driving away from the major Resistance battle at Tulle when they were apprehended in Uzerche. One of them was found to have some Feldgendarm's (military police) neck chains in his possession and was hung on the orders of Brigadeführer Lammerding who had spent the night in the town. This incident was subsequently used by the commanding officer of Das Reich, Brigadeführer Lammerding, to explain how he could not have been in Tulle at the time of the hangings there.

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