Looking towards the arms factory in Tulle

Looking towards the GIAT arms factory in Tulle

    Looking up the road that leads to the arms factory. The memorial to the Martyrs is out of sight to the right of this view. This area was the main location for the hangings. The lampposts and balconies of the streets to the front and the left of view being used as gallows. Since 1944 many of the original lampposts have been replaced with new ones and the buildings themselves have been altered to a greater or lesser extent. Tulle, unlike Oradour-sur-Glane is a living town and things change, there is no sense of preserving the past intact here. This photograph was taken on 1st November 2001, Tout-Saints (All Saints Day), a holiday in France, which is why this busy part of town was so quiet at the time. Compare this view with the drawing of the hangings made on the 9th June 1944 and you will see that the viewpoint is very similar.

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