Panorama of the inside of the church (360 degree view)

Panorama of the inside of the church (360 degree view)

    This 360 degree photograph was taken inside the church of Oradour-sur-Glane, starting with the altar on the left of view and then panning clockwise for a full revolution.
Starting on the extreme left is the altar, damaged in the fire on the 10th June 1944, it has been rebuilt (the cracks are very obvious close-up). The window through which Mme Rouffanche escaped is the lower middle one. Next is the small doorway which led to the presbytery, followed by the St. Anne's chapel and then by the St. Joseph's chapel containing the W.W.I. memorial tablet which has bullet holes in it. The partially melted bells can be seen lying on the floor under the window and to their right is the main church entrance. The wooden confessional box which was found to contain the remains of two small boys is next, followed by the Lady Chapel, the door to the sacristy and then back to the altar. For a higher definition image of the panorama of the inside of the church (large file size at 3640Kb).

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