Today Oradour is a Town

Today Oradour is a Town   

    There has been confusion through time as to whether Oradour-sur-Glane is (or was) a town or a village. Different authors have called it either a town or a village, sometimes both words have been used in the same publication and even in the same sentence. For example in, "Oradour the final verdict - The anatomy and aftermath of a massacre", Douglas W. Hawes, wrote on page 121: "Pfeuffer said that he had been part of a group which had gone to the north end of town to round up outlying farmers and to ensure that no one entered or left the village".

    This photograph was taken in June 2010 by the entrance to the village cemetery on the Rue du Vignaud. The vehicle is clearly sign-written with, "Ville de Oradour s/ Glane", which seems to indicate that today Oradour is regarded as being a Town and not a Village. See the FAQ page for more information on this point. To the rear of view can be seen the yellow delivery vans of the French Postal Service, "La Post", a very common sight in France today.

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