Champ de Foire looking towards Rue Emile Desourteaux   

Champ de Foire looking towards Rue Emile Desourteaux
The Champ de Foire and the car of Dr. Desourteaux

    This view is looking across the Champ de Foire (Fairground) towards the Rue Emile Desourteaux. The car of Doctor Desourteaux is visible just to the right of the big tree. Many of the trees in the village were there before 1944 and naturally they have grown in the years since then (this picture was taken in 1998). This makes it a little difficult to imagine just what the place looked like on the 10th of June 1944, but the view must have been more open than when this photograph was taken. The cemetery is to the rear and right of the photographer and the Laudy barn where about 60 men were killed is to the rear and left. 

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