Memorial at Noailles

Memorial at Noailles

    The memorial to the Resistance at Noailles on the D920. The inscription reads, " Honour-Fatherland. To the dead of the Resistance. Henri Gerard, Claude Gerade, Charles Deheille, Albert Deheille: Executed 3rd April 1944. Ernest Koneskry, Francois Vaille, René Golf: Fallen in combat 7th June 1944. Gilbert Bideau, Jean Lelaudais, Jaques Barrage, Yves Maze, Jean Barbie, Albert Lelorain: Fallen in combat 8th June 1944. James Lagouttes, Emile Bellet: Missing 8th June 1944. They died so that France may live." The fight with Das Reich in Noailles itself was on the 8th June 1944.

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