Close-up of the main memorial at Marsoulas

Close-up of the main memorial to the 27 dead in Marsoulas

    This photograph shows the main memorial in Marsoulas to the events of the 10th June 1944. The inscription above the list of victims reads, "On the morning of the 10th of June 1944 at 8 am, a section of German soldiers from the SS Das Reich entered the defenceless village of Marsoulas and savagely massacred 27 innocents, 11 children, 6 women and 10 men". The inscription below the list of victims reads, "So the population of Marsoulas was reduced by a third". "Never forget". The apparent blurring of the forenames and ages of the victims is due to a combination of the type of stone used, the light at the time the picture was taken and the technique of the stonemason. It is normal French practice when writing or inscribing names to put the Family name first in capitals, followed by the forename(s).

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