Heinrich Bernhard Lammerding

 Heinrich Bernhard Lammerding

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Both pictures courtesy of Inconnu-DR

    Heinrich Bernard Lammerding as Brigadef├╝hrer (commander) of The Second SS-Panzer Division, Das Reich. I do not have definite dates for these pictures, but as he is wearing his Knights Cross of the Iron Cross, it must be after the award in May 1944 and the location must be somewhere in France. Note the Death's Head badge on his cap just above the braiding, this was something common to all members of the SS, not just those in the Totenkopf (Death's Head) Division. At this time Lammerding was 38 (he was born 27 August 1905) and it is noteworthy that in many of his official records, he is referred to as Heinz Lammerding, and he often signed himself as Heinz. Heinz is often used as an abbreviation for Heinrich, but it can exist as a full name in its own right and Lammerding's father was himself called Heinz.

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