Memorial at Cressensac

Memorial at Cressensac

    The memorial to the Resistance at Cressensac on the N20. It was here on 8 June 1944 that the lead troops of Das Reich were held up by Resistants just after they had left Souillac. The German response was to open fire with 75mm cannon from their reconnaissance troop onto the houses from which the Resistants were shooting. One of the buildings damaged in this fire was the church spire. The inscription on this memorial is not easy to read, due to the letters being filled in red (a characteristic of many French war memorials that involved the Resistance). The legend reads, "Resistants who have died for France and Cressensac in 1944. Triest Baldelli, Roger Peyrat, Robert Reisdorfp, Jean Rus, Adolphe Squaranti, Roger Verdier" As can be seen there is no specific date mentioned on this memorial.

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