Looking towards the church in Charly-Oradour

Looking towards the church in Charly-Oradour

    This view is looking towards the church in Charly-Oradour. The memorial to those who died on 10th June 1944 in Oradour-sur-Glane, is just to the rear of the photographer. Charly (about 8 kilometres north-east of Metz) was re-named Charly-Oradour in 1950. The village itself is a curious mixture of the quite old, as seen in this view and modern bungalow type accommodation in the area around the memorial to the dead. In common with all the other Oradours, Charly-Oradour has its church on the left of the main road at the entrance to the village. For a full list of names of all those from the Charly area see: list of names.

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