View of notice at entrance to Centre banning dogs

    This notice is in the car park for the Centre de la Mémoire at Oradour-sur-Glane (September 2010). It is not very well made and dirt and insects have managed to get in-between the two layers of plastic sandwiching the display. The net result being to make the notice rather hard to read, even when standing in front of it. The main information it gives is a plan of the Centre, and outline of the ruins. On the main green display at lower left, are:

    a) a sign prohibiting dogs from entering either the ruins, or the Centre de la Mémoire (exact wording being, "Animals are not allowed") and next ...

    b) a sign prohibiting the taking of photographs within the Centre de la Mémoire (exact wording being, "Picture and films are not allowed in the Centre de la Mémoire") and next ...

    c) a sign banning of eating and drinking throughout the site (exact wording being, "Eating and drinking not allowed") and lastly ...

    d) a sign asking visitors, "Please dress appropriately"

    Under the main display are the notices: "For safety reasons don't leave any valuables in your car" and another one specifically banning dogs ("No Dogs") from both the Centre and the ruins. However this ban does not apply to guide dogs. The notice is mounted on a rusty iron plinth which is intended to give an impression of controlled decay and age. This is a common theme at historical sites in France these days.

View of notice at entrance to Centre banning dogs


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