Some of the accused SS men at their trial in Bordeaux 1953

Some of the accused at the Bordeaux trial in 1953
Photo from Daily Express 14th January 1953

    This picture was taken at the start of the trial in Bordeaux. Even with this rather low quality print it is possible to get a feel for the youth of the defendants, even now, 9 years after the massacre. It is also clear just how cramped the courtroom was for a trial of such national importance and significance. The defendants, their lawyers and guards must have occupied a half of the seating area, leaving not much space for the press and public. The Barre where the defendants stood to give evidence is the curved wood-topped railing in the foreground in front of Paul Graff (the man with the eye patch). The trial lasted from Monday 12th January to Friday 13th February 1953. 

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