Georg René Boos

Georges René Boos at Bordeaux 1953
Photo courtesy of Time magazine

    Georg René Boos at the trial in Bordeaux in 1953. Boos was the senior of the Alsatians who stood trial for their part in the massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane and he had been held as a prisoner-of-war since 1944. In this photograph Boos seems well nourished and quite smart in appearance. He was probably the most disliked of all the defendants, both by the public and the other members of Der Führer. He was the one implicated in the killing of a young baby at the bakery. Boos was the only one of the Alsatians on trial who had volunteered for the SS and his trial in particular was for treason, rather than murder. In 1944 he had been an SS-Unterscharführer (Sergeant: see SS Rank Table)

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