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Souviens Toi : Remember!
Souviens Toi

    This list of recommended web-pages will give you a short guided tour through the complex subject of Oradour-sur-Glane without getting lost in the considerable number of pages devoted to illustrating the whole story. It is not intended to be a complete guide, but should give you an insight to the story without getting lost in the detail of, for example, The Picture Gallery. This is especially true if viewing the story on a device with a small screen, such as a Smartphone. More web-pages may be added to this section in the future, but the idea is to give you a simple, short list to choose from without being overwhelmed with too much detail.


    The Church

    Window through which Madam Rouffanche jumped

    The Doctor's car

    The Doctor's car aging

    The view from Maison Dupic

    Rue Desourteaux

    The Cemetery

    Memorial to the Jewish refugees

    Souviens Toi

    Adolf Diekmann

    The Memorial to Kämpfe's kidnapping

    Panorama of Church and the rue Emile Desourteaux

    Panorama of Doctor's car and Champ de Foire (fairground)


    Summary of In a Ruined State

    Chapter 2 of In a Ruined State (what happened on the 10th June 1944)

    Commentary on the SS résumé and Reporting procedure

    SS Rank table


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