Weidinger's July 1942 assessment from Braunschweig / Belsen

    This assessment was carried out whilst Weidinger was a lecturer at the Braunschweig (Brunswick) SS-Junker School. The actual assessment is headed as being written in the town of Bergen and actually in the "Lager (Camp) Belsen" itself.

    Weidinger has stated in Comrades to the End that the Waffen-SS, "never considered themselves a special force or guard. All felt that they were just German soldiers". This website is not the place to discuss the morality of the SS in all its forms and I have only quoted Weidinger to make the point that the SS in all its forms must have known about the Concentration Camp system. By 1942 when this assessment was written Weidinger must have been personally aware of the situation in the camps, yet nowhere in his writings that I have seen does he ever refer to them. Comments below are in italics.


Waffen-SS                                                                                                         at the time Ub. Pl. Bergen: 7-9-1942

SS-Junkerschule Brunswick                                                                                 Belsen Camp


SS-Hauptsturmführer Otto Weidinger, born 27-5-1914

    SS-Hauptsturmführer Weidinger has been on active since 22-10-1941 at the SS-Junkerschule Brunswick as a tactics teacher. Weidinger is in himself a rounded-off and mellow personality.

    His character traits do not warrant any disapproval. Mentally agile and has versatile interest, he works to encourage his companions in his area. His nature is quiet and level-headed. A versatile military application in both active and staff-posts as Division Adjutant, made it possible for him, to acquire extensive tactical knowledge.

    He is therefore especially suitable for his local service-position as a tactics-teacher and as he understands it, he fashions the tactics instruction in an interesting manner.

    On the grounds of his education and tactical abilities, Weidinger could be especially suited for a career on the general staff.

 Siegel … SS-Oberführer und Kommandeur


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