Weidinger's September 1940 Aufklärungs assessment

    This assessment covers the early part of the war, both in Poland and "the west", i.e. mostly in France. The Aufklärungs Detachment was the SS - Reconnaissance unit and would obviously be operating either on the front line, or usually well in front of it and often behind enemy lines. At this time the Waffen-SS was just beginning to split away from the regular army and develop its own command structure and unit designations. Comments below are in italics.

Transcription of transcription

SS-Aufklärungsabeilung. 16. 9 1940

Assessment of SS-Hauptsturmführer Weidinger

    SS-Hauptsturmführer Weidinger has the high school leaving certificate and was from1935 / 36 at the SS-Junkerschule Brunswick. He possesses an open honest character. Weidinger is a man, who unifies intelligence, attitude, athletic proficiency and educator-abilities in a rare manner. For over 4 years, he has been on active-service (active service does not necessarily mean war service), first as Platoon Leader, since June 1939 as Department Adjutant and since October 1939 as Company-Leader of the armoured-car company. In all these service positions he has given full satisfaction. In 1937 he won the National Socialist war-game in Nuremberg with his team, in Poland he won the Iron Cross II and in the west the Iron Cross I.

    Good education in combination with tact and good military judgement makes Weidinger an ideal co-worker. His abilities exceed far beyond that which is necessary for the leadership of a Company.

    His world-view (i.e. the National Socialist view of the world) is established on his own knowledge and personal judgement.

    Weidinger fully fills his post; he will be in a few years, suitable respectively to the command of a detachment, or an infantry battalion. He appears to be particularly suitable for service on the general staff.

    At the moment he is in the division staff, training to be the Ic (staff officer). He appears to be suitable for it and is making a right good impression.


Brandt … SS-Obersturmbannführer and Kommandeur

Hausser … SS-Gruppenführer and Kommandeur SS-Verfügungsdivision (this is what the early Waffen-SS units were called before they were awarded honour titles such as "Das Reich" etc. Verfügungstruppe means, Special Disposal Troops).


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