Weidinger's December 1936 Infantry assessment

    This is the first service assessment that I have found for Weidinger as a serving officer (in an Infantry Regiment) i.e. after he had completed his training and was commissioned as a substantive officer on 20th April 1936 (Hitler's birthday). As an assessment it is quite short, but sets the tone of future reports in that it is complementary.

Infantry Regiment: 14. Detachment: Ia.                                           Weingarten: 20 December 1938

Assessment of the SS-Sturmführer Weidinger.

    SS-Sturmführer Weidinger is a mature personality with a matter-of-fact and unassuming manner. His appearances are faultless.

    He first found application as a Platoon Leader, later as a Company Leader.

    Weidinger has settled down quickly into the service for short-term training.

    He has performed his service with considerable eagerness and understanding and achieved good success with it.

    On the grounds of his shown performance, I consider Weidinger suitable as a Company Leader or as an Adjutant in the Special-Application forces.

Lieutenant Colonel… Supplementary Battalion Commander.  

Addition of the regimental-commander.

    SS-Sturmführer Weidinger has proven himself in his application as a Platoon Leader and Company Leader with the Infantry Battalion.

    He appears to be suitable as an SS-Leader or Adjutant to a Battalion.

Colonel and Regiment Commander.


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