Weidinger's May 1934 assessment as a guard at Dachau

    This record of Otto Weidinger's service shows that after joining the SS on 1st July 1933 and presumably after competing his basic training, he was employed as a concentration camp guard at Dachau (just north-west of Munich) since at least April 1934. As can be read below, his leadership qualities were recognised from the outset. As a matter of interest, another person serving at Dachau at this time was Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Höss who was later to be the commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp and it is certain that the two men must have met.

Dachau, the 29th May 1934

SS-Sturm 3/D

Personal Assessment of the SS-Mann (Private)

Weidinger, Otto, SS-Number: 114 921: SS-Sturm 3/D

SS-Mann, Weidinger, Otto, since the 16: 4: 1934 has been in the SS-Sturm 3/D. After four-weeks of special training he was employed on guard duty. The leadership of Weidinger in the Sturm is described as very good, and I have learned to know him as an upright, proficient, conscientious and intelligent SS-Mann, of whom leadership qualities can be spoken.

The Leader of the SS-Sturm 3/D



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