Stadler's assessment of 7 May 1942 at Bad Tölz

    This assessment was prepared whilst Stadler was serving as an instructor at the Bad Tölz SS-Officers school. Bad Tölz is about 30 km south of Munich, in a beautiful location on the plain before the Bavarian Alps. Stadler spent from 27 October 1941 to 19 December 1941 as an instructor at the SS-Officer school in Brunswick and from 19 December 1941 to 6 June 1942 as an instructor at Bad Tölz. He was therefore at Bad Tölz at the same time as Adolf Diekmann and the two must have known each other there. In fact at this time the two men were of the same rank (Hauptsturmführer).

    Comments on the below are in italics.


SS-Junkerschule Tölz    Bad Tölz 7. 5. 1942

Lehrgruppe B H. / P.

Judgement (or Assessment)

For the SS-Hauptsturmführer and tactics teacher: (see SS-Rank Table for details)

Stadler Sylvester SS-Nr. 139,493

Home address: G m u n d a.T., Seestr. 87

    I.  Born on the: 30. 12.10 Religion: Gottgläubigkeit (the preferred religious denomination)

        in Fohnsdorf / Steiermark (in Austria, about 50 km west of Graz)

        married: yes children: 2 (male)

        Service admission: 1. 8. 33

        Leader education: from the 24. 4. 35 - 1. 4. 36 SS-J.S.TS.

        Position seniority date: 30. 6. 39

        Date of the take-over of the position stated above: 1. 11. 41

        Awards: E.K.I and II. K1. Wound badge in Black, 3 levels of the SS-Service Award.

  1. Judgement:
  1. Character: Open, decent, almost benevolent in person, quiet and modest.
  2. Ideological vision: Established, fanatical National socialist. (not just a National Socialist, but fanatical).
  3. Measure of co-operation: Is always trying to do his duty, approachable for instruction and good advice.
  4. Abilities as a superior: A) Educational: Educationally effects subordinates through his personality. Is popular as a result of his constant concern for the welfare of his students. B) Military proficiency: Distinctly practical, with much diligence and great endurance, his tactical knowledge has deepened and widened.
  5. Personal manner: His manner on and off of duty is exemplary.
  6. Educational standing: With having average general education, he is always trying to widen his general knowledge through self-study.
  7. Repute: A) As a subordinate: An easily directed and likeable subordinate. Polite modest and obliging. B), As comrade: Very popular and appreciated. Unselfish, almost to the point of self-renunciation.
  8. Marital status: Married, lives in orderly family circumstances.
  9. Application: On the basis of his great practical proficiency his application is proposed as Battalion Leader (Sturmbannführer, or Major).

The Commander of Teaching Group B.

With above judgement in full agreement as regards content. Stadler is a distinctive personality with especially high character values. Less suitable as an instructor, he is an excellent front leader. Suited very well to be a Battalion commander (Sturmbannführer).

12. 6. 42 Commander of the Officer School Tölz (Dörffler-Schuband) (Stadler was at Bad Tölz at the same time as Adolf Diekmann and the two men must have known each other, at least by sight).

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