Stadler's first service report (1935)

    This report was completed at Dachau on the 4th of February 1935 and stamped: Sturm 7/II/SS1. Any comments below are shown in italics.

    Note that Stadler was now an Untersharführer, so he was showing obvious signs of ability right from the start, as within two years of joining the SS he had gone from an Anwarter (Candidate, or Cadet) to Untersharführer (Sergeant) and was being recommended for officer training. See SS-Rank table for more detail.

The SS-Unterscharführer Stadler Sylvester, SS-Ausweis (Pass) Nr. 139459 has been with the SS Group 7/II/SS1.

Official performance

Parade Ground duty: Very good.

Field exercise duty: Very good.

Instruction: Good.

Behaviour as a superior: Has become generally well accepted.

Private behaviour: Faultless.

Punishments: None.

General judgement: Very suitable for Officer-School.

Signed: by the leader of Sturm 7

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