Various SS insignia for both Das Reich and Der Führer

    The following are examples of various SS insignia that would have appeared on the uniforms and vehicles of members of the Der Führer Regiment.

    1) The cuff band was about an inch wide and long enough to circle the left hand side uniform cuff. It displayed the regiment honour title (in this case Der Führer).

    2) The Sig runes. This tab displayed two SS runes, short for Shutz Staffel and was worn on the right collar of the uniform jacket by all ranks of the regiment. The tab was about 1½ inches by 2 inches in size.

    3) The Death's Head. This was worn on the cap badge of all members of the SS (not just Der Führer) and was about 1 inch across.

    4) The Das Reich tactical symbol appeared on the rear of motor vehicles belonging to the Division (of which Der Führer was a part). It was about 5 inches tall and was called a Wolfsangle (Wolf Hook) and this was one of the runes specified by Himmler for use within the SS.

Various SS insignia for both Das Reich and Der Führer

All the above images are courtesy of Bernie Brule


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