Lammerding's Résumé of 25 June 1935

    The résumé below has a number of interesting points of detail which make for more interesting reading than the rather soulless listing of dry facts that seems to be its content would suggest.

    The first point is that it is typed, most résumés of this era that I have read have been hand-written. From looking at his other records I can say that Lammerding's personal handwriting was not bad, so perhaps having the résumé typed was in order to impress his superiors.

    The second point is that the document is presented with an almost complete lack of formatting, there is very little attempt to lay it out in a pleasing, or easy to read manner. The original document is basically just one large block of text without any paragraph indentations, or indeed any breaking up of the text into paragraphs at all. I have re-presented the document here with paragraphing so as to make it easier to read.

    The third point is that his father died in 1927 and this caused an interruption to his studies due to (unexplained) financial difficulties. It seems as though Lammerding's family were one of the very many that were affected by the financial slump in Germany at this time and I am sure that this was a major (if not the only) factor that influenced his joining the Nazi Party in 1931.

    A fourth point is that the course he attended, starting on 8th November 1933, was run by a Major Petersen. The explanation for the non-SS rank of Petersen, is that Lammerding did not enter the SS until 1st April 1935 and so this course was run by the regular army.

    A fifth point to note is that in this form he is described as "Heinz" not "Heinrich", which was his actual name.

    The last point of note is that he joined the Nazi Party relatively early (in 1931), before they were in power. This demanded a degree of commitment, of idealism in fact. Before 1933, being a Party member carried some risk, both from physical violence and of being discriminated against by non-party employers, police etc. As an illustration of this fact, Paula Hitler, Adolf Hitler's younger sister was dismissed from her job in an insurance company in Vienna in the 1920's due to disapproval of her brother's political activities. Lammerding was therefore a committed Nazi, not just someone who joined after they became successful. He was a believer in the cause.


Heinz Lammerding SS-Obersturmführer.                                                                                  Leisnig, 25 June 1935.


    Born 27 August 1905 as son of the architect Heinz Lammerding and his wife Gertrud née Espenkotte. From 1911 - 1915, I attended the primary school in Dortmund, from Easter 1915 - 20 the humanist high school in Dortmund, 1920 - 21 the humanist high school in Paderborn, 1921 - 25 the humanist high school in Dortmund. Conclusion. High School Graduation Certificate. In the summer term 1925, a six-month job in the construction trade in Dortmund. From the winter 1925/26 to the winter 1927/28 I attended the technical high school Munich as a student of civil engineering. Through the death of my father in 1927, I was forced because of financial difficulties to break off the study. From 25. III. 26 - 30. 4. 29, I was active as a trainee and work-student with the administration at Dortmund. In the summer term visiting the technology college at Munich. From 23. 8. 29 - 1. 11. 30, I once again worked in the construction trade in Dortmund in order to earn only the methods for the further study. From 23. 8. 29 - 1. 11. 30, I once again worked in the construction trade in Dortmund only in order to earn the resources for further study. From the winter 30/31 up to November 32, I attended the technology college in Brunswick and completed the study here with taking the diploma main examination. On 12 November 1932, the academic grade of a degree of engineering was awarded to me. From the 13. 4. 33 to 26. 8. 33, I was active in the private construction industry, up to admission to the city building administration, where I was up to 14. 10. 33, in order then to attend defence-sport-courses; in fact:

From 14. 10. 33 - 8. 11. 33 training in Hamm RR Münster.

From 8. 11. 33 - 18. 11. 33 Pioneer Battalion Minden, 19. 11. 33 - 20. 1. 34, Pioneer practice ground Klausdorf - Sperrenberg, Leader Major Petersen. From 22. 2. 34 - 6. 3. 34, I was clerk-of-works in private-industry; I had to take this position because of commands from SA-Gruppe Westphalia, 6. 3. 34 School-Leader and Leader of the vanguard commandos of the pioneer-school in Höxter. 4. 4. 34 - 2. 11. 34 Adjutant and adviser of the pioneer-inspection of the O.S.A.F.. 3. 11.34 - beginning of March 35 Adjutant of the Group-Principal, afterwards selection-course at Leisnig and from 1. 4. 35 with the SS - Pioneer Sturmbann in Leisnig Saxony.

On the 16. 4. 34 I married Ceilie Schulte born 5. 10. 10, daughter of the deceased merchant Schulte and his wife Annelie née Artmann.

On the 18. 10. 31, I joined the party and the SA and have the membership number 722,395. in the SA, I was the with the Standard 92, 98 and with the O.S.A.F.

The foregoing résumé, I have written according to my best knowledge and conscience.

Marked: (signed) Heinz Lammerding


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