PoW report dated 11 October 1944

    This interrogation report has been included, not because it shows much by way of new insight into the happenings at Oradour-sur-Glane, but because it gives a feel for the times. There was clearly an attempt being made (by the British in this instance) to gather eyewitness statements concerning atrocities, presumably with a view to settling scores once the fighting was over. As can be read, although Ehlev implies he was not at Oradour, he knew about it. He also knew, or had eyewitness experience of other criminal behaviour carried out by members of his Division.

    There are some interesting points to be seen in the report: 1) The consistent spelling of Führer as "Fuehrer", this was not due to ignorance, but simply because English language typewriters of W.W.II. vintage did not have any umlauted keys and so "ü" could not be shown, for more detail see: Dates, commonly misspelled words and accents. 2) Fritz Ehlev is described as a "Sturmann", this seems to have been a misspelling of "Sturmmann", the rank roughly equivalent to a lance-corporal in the British army. 3) Note the remark that two of the men mentioned by Ehlev are described as, "rabid Nazis" 4) Ehlev himself claims to have been conscripted into the SS and whilst this is certainly possible, it seems to have been a very common assertion to have made following capture. 5) Note the assertion that he was on anti-partisan patrol in June 1944 in the Limoges area, which again illustrates the use of the Das Reich Division for a purpose for which they were wholly unsuited.

Report No. PWIS(H)/LDC/406          SECRET
Report on interrogation of PW (Prisoner of War)
KP 104909 SS-Sturmann Fritz EHLEV

Unit: 12/Pz GR 4 "DER FUEHRER" (2 SS Pz Div "DAS REICH")

Captured: 15 Sep 44 HECKUSCHEID (Germany)

Preamble: PW, a 19 year old farm labourer is not very intelligent. He claims to have been compulsorily enrolled in the SS. He hails from INSTERBURG (East Prussia).

11 Jan 43 Conscripted to 3/SS Div Totenkopf at WARSAW

14 Apr 43 Posted to 9/SS Pz GR 4 "Der Fuehrer"

Oct 43 Wounded

Jan 44 Posted to 9/SS Pz GR 4 "Der Fuehrer", SAUTERNE (S France)

Mar 44 Transferred to 12 Coy

Jun 44 III Bn/SS PGR 4 detailed to combat partisans in area LIMOGES

7 Jul 44 Unit to Normandy


PW is rather vague on dates and places but appears willing to co-operate.

Although the PW is not certain of the name of the place, he has heard of this massacre. His informant was Rottenfuehrer DUDRE, section leader in a mortar PL of 12 Coy. He added that 4 Coy was involved in the massacre. A Rumanian, Sturmann HINZ of 12 Coy also confirmed the story.

b) YURET (S France)
PW witnessed Rottenfuehrer BUDRE shooting two French civilians on sight because they were carrying machine pistols. This happened about the 20 Jun 44 at YURET

c) Shooting of Partisans:
During Jun 44 PW was told by Uscharf ULM, a section leader in 12 Coy, that captured partisans who would not talk, were taken away and shot by members of the 12 Coy. This was ordered by Hptstuf HEDRE, O.C. 12 Coy. Sturmann FERL in 12 Coy shot a French civilian for waving to US tanks and indicating their O.P. This was seen by PW at about 20 Aug 44.

d) Rape:
In June 44 Uscharf WUST of 12 Coy was observed raping two young French girls in a small village nr YURET (S France).


O.C. 12/SS Pz GR 4 "Der Fuehrer" Hptstuf HEDRE
Age: approx 35 years
Height: 175 cm
Hair: Fair Eyes: Blue
Face: Long Complexion: Normal

Sec Leader in Mortar PL 12 Coy: Rottenfuehrer BUDRE
Age: Approx 22 years
Height: Approx 165cm
Hair: fair
Eyes: Blue
Face & Complexion: Normal
Hails from Westphalia. A rabid Nazi

In 12 Coy: Sturmann FERL
Age: Approx 19 years
Height Approx 170cm
Hair: Fair
Eyes: Blue
Face: Oval
Hails from DRESDEN. A rabid Nazi

In 12 Coy: Uschaf WUST
Age: Approx 24 years
Height Approx 170cm
Hair: Fair
Eyes: Blue
Face: Oval
Hails from DRESDEN

London District Cage:     H.K. Kettler, Capt
11 Oct 44:                      P.W.I.S. (H)

Distribution:     M.I. 15    File 2


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