Request for Gerlach's promotion made on 23rd October 1944

    This request shows Gerlach having his last promotion, that to Hauptsturmführer with effect from 9th November 1944 (anniversary of the Beer-Hall Putsch). There is no recommendation from Gerlach's immediate superior on this request, only the (unsigned) support of Lammerding as the Das Reich Division commander.

2nd SS-Panzer Division "Das Reich"                                                                         23rd October 1944

Personnel Application

SS-Obersturmführer Gerlach, Karl

SS Nr: 283,079 born 9. 12. 1914

Promotion to: SS-Haupsturmführer with effect from 9th November 1944


Substantiation - assessment, (SS-posture - character suitability - official performances - special suitability).

    Gerlach has a large powerful appearance with a positive and assured manner. He possesses a confident, active, determined, upright character and a civil, friendly and natural nature. His general militaristic performances is above the average. Gerlach is a conscientious, experienced, versatile, interested, reliable, willing to take responsibility and exemplary soldier with the best experience of life. Fully fills his position.


Noted … Lammerding SS-Brigadeführer and Major-General

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