Diekmann's obituary notice in Das Schwarze Korps

    Printed in Das Schwarze Korps on Thursday 24 August 1944. Das Schwarze Korps (The Black Corps) was the SS newspaper and was a paper published on various days of the week. The name of Diekmann's wife shown below as, "Hedi", is short for, Hedwig. For further details of the family see the Résumé dated 18 August 1942.

    See photo of Diekmann's grave at La Cambe, Normandy, France.



    On the 29th June my dearly loved husband, the faithfully caring father of both his children, our promising youngest son, dear brother, son-in-law and brother-in-law, in the firm belief of victory, fell in the heavy fighting in Normandy at the head of his battalion.

Adolf Diekmann

SS-Sturmbannführer and Battalion Commander

    Possessor of the Iron Cross 2nd Class and 1st Class. The Wound Badge and the War Service Cross 2nd Class with swords.

    29 years of age.

    Doctor Hedi Diekmann, née Meindl, with their sons Rainer and Uwe, Heinrich Diekmann and his wife Anna, née Mohr, Bruno Meindl and his wife Hedwig, née Nagle; his siblings, brother-in-law and sisters-in-law.

    27 Adolf-Hitler-Strasse, Elbogen by Karlsbad; Bayreuth, and Neuhammer at Karlsbad, in July 1944.


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