Diekmann's Résumé (page 1 of the original document)

    This is the first page of Adolf Diekmann's Lebenslauf (résumé) of 18th August 1942. I have included it so that you can have a look at some of the original source material that has been used to construct this site. The writing is a little hard to decipher at first, but gets easier with practice. The script Diekmann used for the document is Sütterlin, which was taught in German schools at that time, see also the transcript of the whole résumé. Here is a better copy of Diekmann's Lebenslauf photograph.

    As a starting point the first two sentences of the résumé read: "Ich wurde als Sohn des Volksschullehrers Heinrich Diekmann und seiner Ehefrau Anna, geb(oren) Mohr, am 18. 12. 1914 in Magdeburg geboren. Ich habe einen Bruder u(nd) drei Schwestern, die älter sind als ich".

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