Diekmann's personal data from his marriage application

    Personal data from his marriage application of 2nd January 1940.

    The following questions were asked of both parties to the marriage, for many of the questions there were a range of possible answers to choose from. These questions were all aimed at gathering racial data so as to ensure that any children would be of true Aryan stock. The form was completed by an SS-Doctor from the Germania Regiment. Only Adolf Diekmann's data is shown below. Compare this form with that for Sylvester Stadler, which was completed on 12th December 1934 as a normal part of his entry into the SS. Comments on the entries below are in italics.

Name ... Adolf Rudolf Reinhold Diekmann

Birth ... Normal

Learned to walk ... 1 year old

Learned to talk ... 1½ years old

Childhood illnesses ... Diphtheria when aged 2 (It is common for children of this time to have had quite serious illnesses. It is a good indicator of how far we have come in terms of public health, that in the Europe of the 21st century such diseases are relatively rare).

Alcohol and tobacco use ... Moderate

Age ... 25

Height ... 177 cm (5 ft 9¾ in)

Seat height ... 91 cm (3 ft)

Weight ... 61 Kg (134 lb.) (His weight seems on the low side for his height)

Chest measurement ... 95/82 cm (37/32 in i.e. inflated / deflated)

Head circumference ... 57 cm (22½ in)

Physique ... slim

Posture and gait ... well balanced

Musculature ... medium

Chest ... well curved

Belly ... taut

Skin tone ... elastic

Skin colour ... rusty-white (the only other choices were, ivory-white and olive-brown, so anyone of mixed-race was not going to be considered for entry into the SS at this time).

Eye colour ... blue

Hair colour ... light-blond

Hair form ... straight

Is there a Mongolian slant to the eye ... no (note again the racial questioning)

Are there projecting cheekbones ... no

    There then followed a full dental chart listing all 32 possible teeth which showed he had 6 fillings, one tooth missing and was still due his lower wisdom teeth. No dental treatment was necessary at this time. So as can be seen, by 1939 the stringent medical requirements for the SS had been relaxed somewhat and the often-told story of even one filled tooth barring entry did not apply (unless he had them filled during his service.)

    Next were a group of sections detailing everything from the state of his mucus membranes (good) to eyesight (6/6 vision without glasses), hearing (good) to pulse rate (72), blood pressure (115/75 mm Hg), Heart and Lung condition (good), to the state of his urine (clear), to the state of his reflexes (even to checking on the gag reflex).

    The examining doctor was asked, "Did the examinee make an open and credible impression?", the answer was, "Yes". His response to the question of, "Overall impression", was "Good". To the vital question of, "Is reproduction desirable in the ethnic sense?", he answered, "Yes."

    In addition to the above medical report, both parties had to complete a detailed family tree listing all members back to their great-great-great grandparents, a total of 128 persons including themselves. There was a special chart provided for this purpose along with copious notes to assist in its completion. Both Diekmann and his bride-to-be managed to complete this task without a single blank entry.

    On a separate form they had to make a financial statement as follows:

    "Financial situation ... 850 Reichmarks, with no debts", (his bride had 1000 RM and no debts) This subject of financial probity appears in many of the SS records that I have read and it seems that Himmler was genuinely concerned that all his men be of a sound character and without any taint of scandal.

    Both parties had to declare their religious faith and both entered, "Gottgl", short for Gottgläubigkeit, which was the approved belief for the Nazi party and the SS. It signified a belief in God without an allegiance to any established church. It was one of Himmler's aims, to establish a new faith for the Party and the SS based around the idea of the Führer as the deity. Pressure of events after the war began, prevented him from making any significant progress towards this goal.

    Both were members of the Nazi party, Adolf with membership number 1,752,411 joined on 1 April 1933, but judging from her membership number of 6,718,136 Hedwig joined rather later.


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