Lammerding's 1 July 1935 assessment from the Pioneer School at Leisnig (Saxony)

    This is the first Judgement (appraisal) of Heinrich Lammerding that is in his records. It was written just 3 months (a quarter) after he signed-up with the SS. This signing-up was intended to last until he reached the end of his 45th year of life, so obviously he intended to become a career soldier. As can be read, it is not a very glowing report and does seem to show a less than enthusiastic appraisal of the man. At this time Lammerding was 29 (nearly 30) and married, but without children. Something obviously happened between this assessment on 1st July 1935 and the time of his next assessment on 25th June 1936, because as can be read in that and later assessments, his rating improved dramatically.

Comments below are in italics.


SS-Pioneer-Sturmbann. Leisnig (in Saxony) 1 July 1935

Judgement on the SS-Obersturmführer … Lammerding

SS-Nr. 247 062   

Party No. 722 395

Good appearance.

Physically good, very good intellectual assessment.

Of almost too quiet and ponderous a nature.

Is not very outgoing, consequently his character qualities are not yet fully recognised.

Uncertain and slow in attitude and manner when in the lead (compare this part of his assessment with that of later ones, for example that of 25th June 1936).

He lacks any soldierly crispness.

Needs even longer ground (basic military) education.

Not yet fully suitable to be a leader in the Verfügungstruppe (this is what the Waffen-SS was originally called before the Divisions received their individual honour titles).

(Signed) The leader of the SS-Pionier Sturmbann (unfortunately the signature is not legible).


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