Diekmann's 28 February 1944 promotion request by Stadler

    Here Stadler is asking for preferred promotion (promotion based solely on merit) for Diekmann. Note the emphasis on his good manners and financial probity, there were to be no rough diamonds in the Der Führer Regiment of Das Reich Division. Comments in italics.

Personnel proposition

28th February 1944: Adolf Diekmann

Application is placed for preferred promotion to SS-Sturmbannführer with effect from the 20-4-44 (Hitler's birthday).

    SS-Hauptsturmführer Diekmann is of an extremely Nordic appearance (a plus point for any SS man). He demonstrated outstanding merit by his application as Regimental Adjutant and Battalion leader. As well as in action, his training skills also demonstrated Diekmann's abilities that are above the average. He is a convinced National Socialist (again and again, the political alignment is mentioned). His manners are perfect; as well his economic circumstances. I ask, for preferred promotion on the basis of Diekmann’s strong character and his previous performance (he had a 'strong character', he was not a timid vacillating man).

Stadler…………………. SS Standartenführer and Regiment Commander


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