Diekmann's 25 February 1942 assessment at Bad Tölz

    This assessment does mention Diekmann's award of the Iron Cross 1st Class, which is something he omitted to include 6 months later in his handwritten Résumé on 18th August 1942. Note the comments on his character, he was "open, decent, reliable with a cheerful nature" Comments are in italics.

Bad Tölz: 25th February 1942

Q. The suitability to the proposed rank is proven through:

A. Diekmann fills his position as Signals Officer and has especially proved himself previously as Platoon leader in the Schwarze Korps (Black Corps, what the SS was often known as) and as Battalion Adjutant.

Q. Judgement of character, suitability and performance, on and off duty, teaching ability, SS attitude:

A. Character: open, decent, reliable, with a cheerful nature, serious in his work and perception of duty. Diekmann owns an excellent proficiency in infantry matters, an especially good tactical ability and good knowledge of communications. Diekmann especially works very diligently on his further education on tactics, such as in the area of Tank Tactics. His position as an SS man is exemplary.

Q. Participation in fighting:

A. Campaign in Poland with II SS regiment Germania, campaign in the West, the same, up to his severe wound (lung-shot) on the 27-5-1940. (In the area of La Basse canal, France)

Awards: Iron Cross 1 and II

Q. Application as:

A. Signals teacher and tank teacher, later, tactics teacher, (after total convalescence and position as company commander).

To the post of company commander:

Fully suited, as well as Adjutant of the Regiment and higher grades.


SS Standartenführer und Kommandeur der SS Junkerschule Tölz (Werner Dörffler-Schuband was commander from 1 December 1940 to 10 August 1942 and again from 1 August 1943 to 15 March 1944)


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