Adolf Rudolf Reinhold Diekmann as a Hauptsturmführer

    Adolf Rudolf Reinhold Diekmann as a Hauptsturmführer. I have no date for this photograph, but it must lie between 20th April 1942 when he was promoted to Hauptsturmführer and 20th April 1944 when he became a Sturmbannführer. He is wearing the Iron Cross (which he won in both 2nd and 1st class). It was a fashion with members of the Nazi party and the SS to shave the sides of the head, so as to accentuate their 'Nordic' appearance. Contrary to what many people have thought, he does not look 'mad' or 'bad', just a normal pleasant man with a nice smile. Take away the uniform and you would not think him anything extraordinary.

Adolf Ranier Reinhold Diekmann
Photo by Herbert Escher, shown courtesy of John.P.Moore

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