Order of Battle for Das Reich as of June 1944

   The following Order of Battle shows Das Reich 2nd SS-Panzer Division as of early 1944. It is worth noting that SS-Divisions were typically much larger than normal German army units, usually about twice the size in terms of manpower. An SS-Division was therefore a powerful force, especially the early ones such as 1st SS-Panzer Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, 2nd SS-Panzer Division Das Reich and 3rd SS-Panzer Division Totenkopf. The average manpower of an SS-Panzer division was about 19,000, but the largest that I have seen was 22,300 for Leibstandarte and the smallest around 3000 for the later Divisions such as 38th SS-Grenadier Division Nibelungen.

    A rough guide to the fighting efficiency and combat performance of an SS-Division can be gained from the number of Knights Crosses awarded to members during the war. Das Reich had a total of 69, more than any other SS-Division (the next was Leibstandarte with 58 and some of the SS Divisions formed later on in the war had none).

    Das Reich in June 1944 was close to its full staff complement and would have had about 19,200 men in total. The split was approximately as follows:

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